Classic Mickey Scarf

Classic Mickey

This is the scarf that started my obsession. Its the one I get the most comments on when I wear it. I love Mickey Mouse and I’m so inspired by his simplicity. It only needs subtle elements to suggest Mickey. I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn but any brand in the same colors will work just fine.

You will need:

H hook

1 skein Black yarn

Less than one skein each of Red, Yellow, and White Yarn


Row 1:  With Yellow, ch 18.  Hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Hdc in next 15 ch (16 hdc)

Rows 2 & 3:  Ch 2, turn, 16 hdc

Row 4:  Change to Red, ch 2, turn, 16 hdc.  Remember to work in ends as you work.

Rows 5 -15:  Ch 2 turn, 16 hdc

Row 16:  Change to Black, ch 2 turn, 16 hdc

Classic Mickey End

Row 17 – 135:   Ch 2, turn, 16 hdc

Row 136:  Change to Red, ch 2, turn, 16 hdc

Row 137 – 147:  Ch 2, turn, 16 hdc

Row 148:  Change to yellow, ch 2, 16 hdc

Row 149 & 150:  Ch 2, 16 hdc

Finish off.

Buttons: (make 4)

Classic Mickey Button

In a magic circle, ch 2, 12 dc.  Sl st in 1st dc. Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Sew 2 “buttons” to each end of the scarf in the red area.

Classic Mickey Attached Button

Fringe: (make 6)


Cut 12″ lengths of yarn.  For each set, cut 6 lengths of black and 2 each of white, red, and yellow.  12 lengths in all. Attach 3 sets to each end.


5 thoughts on “Classic Mickey Scarf

  1. Thank you for the pattern…very easy to follow and with concentrated effort, i made it within a few hours. Gifting it to my good friend who will be going to Disneyworld in December. Happy Holidays and Alooooha!


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